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Sun Araw aka Cameron Stallone, one of the world’s foremost purveyors of astrally-aligned psychedelia and endlessly deep otherness, has been pushing the boundaries of electronic groove and hazy, dubbed-out rock into the outer spheres of human consciousness for many years.

One of the most mindbending artists on the Not Not Fun label, Stallone expanded his work into the spheres of ambient and roots reggae through collaborations with The Congos, M. Geddes Gengras and Laraaji, and has returned this year as a trio with the mighty album, ‘Gazebo Effect’.

The album is based conceptually on a garden of ”non-dimensional” objects in which one walks around and at times observes the rest from an imagined gazebo structure – an approach which guides the way the pieces are performed live, in a mixture of stochastic procedures and organic and responsive interplay between the musicians. Blissed out electronics surge towards the farthest regions of the cosmos, sudden angular turns open up views into the deepest regions of the soul. Perhaps this is a way of approaching satori, the zen buddhist expression for sudden and intuitive understanding?

Regardless, Sun Araw remains one of the most thoroughly psychedelic experiences around. Both tangible and ethereal, introspective and utterly cosmic, this is music that defies description, and we look forward to getting lost in our own secret garden at PHONO15.