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Greg Broussard is better known as Egyptian Lover, the almighty Pharaoh of crisp electro-funk and first-generation hip-hop pioneer. His music is both indecently tight and cooly futuristic – an unlikely mixture of the neon-lit nightlife of L.A. And Miami, and ancient Egypt as processed through a filter of cheeky break-beats.

The Egyptian Lover started his career as a DJ in the early 80’s, where artists such as Afrika Bambaataa was setting a new musical course through free-from rap, breakdance and the minimalist rhythms and synthetic melodies of Kraftwerk. A course that Egyptian Lover had also embarked upon, both with his focus less on politics and the reality of the streets, and more on a made-up, mythological Egypt, where pharaos might have ruled, but where a DJ still isn’t worth anything if he can’t scratch.

Egyptian Lover’s significance for the development of hip-hop is great indeed, but his importance for electro is hard to overestimate. Especially in these years, where artists have increasingly brought out the old hardware again, his unique mix of raw 808, West Coast braggadacio and cold synths have come to renewed attention. In other words, The Egyptian Lover is something of a living legend – a man with a vision, who freely mixed american and european influences into one of the strangest and most funky sounds ever created.