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Tim Exile aka Tim Shaw is, with an admittedly worn-out term, somewhat of a mad genius. Sampling-savant, drum’n’bass non-conventionalist and entertainer extraordinaire. With a musical carreer spanning everything from classical violin to concrète experimentation and mind-melting IDM excurtions, Tim Exile is no newcomer to the electronic music scene. Nor will this be his first time playing at PHONO: in 2009 he gave a chaotically triumphant show, culminating in him crowd surfing whilst controlling his machines with an old joystick and basically beating the hell out of the place with his frenetic and humorously aggressive breakbeat techno.

Most of his output has some form of drum’n’bass at its core, constantly dissected and put back together through manic sampling, chopping and cutting. He has challenged this basic idea with a vast range of other elements, whether it’s the raw, confrontational dada of Tim Exile’s Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge or the vocal-heavy synthpop sensibilities of Listening Tree which mixes the bleakness of Depeche Mode and early New Order with sheer, musicalesque grandeur.

No matter what strange and misshapen subgenre he is chopping to bits, it all comes out weird and wonderful. His advanced high-speed pop music makes for an absolutely awesome liveshow, a full-blown benign assault on your feet, body and brain.