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Tradework is the solo project of Copenhagen-based Gustav Lindberg Maindal. Based on a diverse selection of manipulated samples and field recordings, and characterized by a profound interest in the deep and dubbed out sounds of Basic Channel and King Tubby, Tradework establishes strange, post-industrial and post-colonial spaces on the fringes of electronic music tradition.

Shah, a tape released in 2014 on Danish label Blodrøde Floder, was a dark and mysterious mixture of dub stratagems and primarily Middle-Eastern-tinged samples, evoking the tense uncertainty of  Cut Hands or Vatican Shadow, but relying heavily on filtered ambience instead of shock-and-awe tactics. It is at once both disturbing and strangely exotic, conjuring up images of oases littered with industrial debris, or the melancholy ghosts of Iranian folk singers glimpsed through black smoke and whirling sand.

The music of Tradework does not try to resolve the inherent tension of globalized reality, but instead creates further levels of intrigue and paradox. It integrates traditions within each other, artifacts of recorded history within contemporary dub culture, and orientalist dreamscapes within Central European rationality.

We couldn’t be happier to present Tradework’s Danish amalgamate of traditions at this year’s festival!