UP NODE NETWORK – a network of Nordic festivals for experimental music and sonic arts.

We’re very proud to be part of the UP NODE network. It’s a network with a purpose we support to the fullest. With Up Node we wish to enable a better collaboration and sustainable exchange for Nordic music. 

The collaboration consists of seven festivals in Northern Europe and aims to strengthening new emerging artistic expressions within the Nordic Countries towards exchange of knowledge between the partners and to increase mobility for Nordic artists.


The member festivals of Up Node are:

+ Intonal
+ Turku Modern
+ PHONO Festival
+ Norberg Festival
+ Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival
+ Insomnia Festival
Extreme Chill Festival


The Up Node network aims to build a sustainable infrastructure to establish, sustain and promote international awareness of electronic music environments in the Nordic countries.

The Up Node network aims to support and encourage new talents on the electronic music scene in the nordic countries. By carefully selecting and hosting artists from the different countries involved in the network and actively build bridges between a wide range of artistic environments and expand the awareness of the individual artist and also the cultural fields, scenes and genres represented.

The network aims to establish awareness on the environment of professional and unique electronic music festivals in the North and function as a quality stamp for artists booked in the artist exchange program, as well as the skills shared in the knowledge exchange program

Events arranged within the festival organized by Up Node members includes concerts, educational workshops, panel discussions, network meetings.

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