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With two extra days and five new venues, PHONO14 will be the greatest yet.

Almost the entire centre of Odense is involved; when the city’s international electronic festival kicks off five days in September.
Besides the sky-high FAF-silo placed at the harbour, PHONO will move into the venue Magasinet, Musikhuset Posten, Studenterhuset and Odense Musikbiblotek.

– For a long time we have wanted to expand and the several new locations provides us with a great opportunity to offer the audience a much more thorough introduction to the electronic music’s many branches. This year, besides the various concerts, we also offer a cinema and exhibition, which makes PHONO much more than just a party, says project manager Mikkel West.

10 new names

But the starting point of the festival remains the music and again this year, we set great value in having it played live.

The 10 new names on the poster offer the audience, for instance, bone-dry electro in the shape of AUX 88 from Detroit, a showcase from the trendsetting record company Opal Tapes, meanwhile the British Roly Porter will perform his dark masterpiece “Life Cycle of a Massive Star” in full.

The line-up so far:

Zamilska (PL)
Roly Porter performs Life Cycle of a Massive Star (UK)
AUX 88 (US)
Stellar om Source (US)
Jahiliyya Fields (US)

Opal Tapes presents:
Basic House (UK),
Karen Gwyer (US)
1991 (SE)

The Egyptian Lover (US)
Bass Clef / Some Truths (UK)
Holly Herndon (US)